Riddim Shot Band Members did not make it on their own.

We felt the need to write this page to thank those who have been making our dream come true.  

Of course we tried to mention everyone and we apologise for any unintentional omission. 

  • MUSIC CREATION: William Joseph-Angélique, Leslie Jenny 

  • MUSIC LESSONS: Lucien Annoncia, Raphael Pascal 

  • LOGO: Riddim Shot band members, Guillaume Gumbs 

  • REHEARSAL STUDIOS: Césame, Axis Music 

  • MIX & MASTERING: Rodrigue Wescott, Guy-Marc Jominy, Studio Expérience, Studio Mysound 

  • FIRST RADIO INTERVIEWS: Zionhighness Radio (USA), Conscious Radio (UK)

  • MANAGEMENT: Transparent Reflection Team (Samantha Mitchell) 

  • WEBSITE: Leslie Jenny